Frequently Asked Travel Questions

Below you will find answers to the most common travel and vacation related questions. As you can see we have placed a filter option so you can easily go to the select topic that you are interested in. Please select the topic to conveniently narrow down your search, but if you don’t find the answers that you seek here on this page, we encourage you to visit our Contact Page to reach out to us directly and we would more than happy to assist you further.

Does your Emergency Medical plan cover me if I require medical attention due to injuries sustained while scuba diving?2019-07-31T08:22:52-05:00

Scuba diving is covered only if it is not your principal paid occupation.

I have booked a trip and purchased an All-Inclusive plan. I will be taking my golf clubs with me. Will you reimburse me if my clubs are stolen?2019-07-31T08:22:15-05:00

If your clubs are stolen and you can provide documentation to that effect, you are eligible to file a claim. However, the baggage insurance covers a maximum dollar amount and may not be sufficient to cover your entire loss. You may be able to claim the difference through your homeowner’s insurance policy.

I booked a trip and purchased an All-Inclusive plan with $3,500 coverage prior to departure. If I am sick and can’t travel do I get the $3,500 back?2019-07-31T08:20:30-05:00

It will depend on what the non-refundable portion of your trip is at the time you developed the medical condition. The examiner will look at the penalties that were applicable to you on the date of the cause of the cancellation or on the next business day at the latest and you will be reimbursed for covered non-refundable expenses.

If you have purchased the Premium Protection Plan Policy Coverage you may cancel for Any Reason and will be reimbursed for amounts listed below…


1. 7 days prior to departure 75% of the non-refundable trip cost
2. 6 days to 24 hours prior to departure 75% refund up to a maximum of $1,500


  • You could not get the time off work
  • You are starting a new job/position
  • You don’t like the weather forecast
  • You simply change your mind
We have a trip scheduled for next month and we have an All-Inclusive policy. We have just been notified that my partner has been called for jury duty. Are we covered if we cancel the trip?2019-07-31T08:13:20-05:00

It depends on when your partner has to report for jury duty. If that date falls during your trip, you may submit a claim for trip cancellation.

Can I get a refund on my insurance premium?2019-07-31T08:12:09-05:00

Some refunds are permitted. Please contact the person/travel company you are going to purchase from and request more details on the Refund/Change option.

Can I buy insurance after I’ve started my trip?2020-02-20T09:14:59-06:00

No. Coverage must be purchased prior to departure. However, if you do have coverage in place, you may request an extension of your coverage if you extend your trip.

I’d like to have travel insurance coverage for all of next month. Can I come home for a weekend and then return to my trip and keep my coverage?2019-07-31T08:09:28-05:00

No. Coverage terminates when you return to your point of departure.

I have a heart condition that I have had for 2 years now. My doctor says I can travel. Will this insurance cover me if I suffer a heart attack while on my trip?2019-07-31T07:48:09-05:00

To determine the stability requirement of any medical condition, please refer to the definition of stable within the policy booklet. Please also take the time to review other exclusions and conditions of the coverage outlined in the policy as the period of being stable depends on the coverage chosen and the age at the time of purchase.

The travel insurance policy can be viewed here: Manulife Premium Protection Plan Policy


I would like to purchase an Annual Emergency Medical plan. I’m not travelling though until early next year. Can I buy the coverage today?2019-07-31T07:31:50-05:00

Under the Annual Emergency Medical Plan, the first travel date may not be scheduled more than 3 months after the Annual Plan premium is paid.

What Are The Steps In Planning A Destination Wedding?2018-06-07T09:53:57-05:00

You have already taken your first step in planning your Destination Wedding, and that’s coming here to our Travel website seeking more information and answers to your questions.

However, the first official step is to take a moment to reach us either by email or phone, and this way we can discuss the details with you over the phone, or set up an appointment so we can meet in person. We will then to take you through all the steps required in planning your destination wedding.

For example: We will discuss your choice of destination and what type of accommodations and venue where you would be interested in having your ceremony. Then we will go through a check-list to make sure we have everything on your want and need list, as well, we will ask you a series of questions related to your wedding ceremony in relation to having a Legal or Symbolic ceremony, we will ask you if you’re having guests attend including children, plus many more important and detailed questions that will eventually take you to the next steps in the planning process of your wedding.

So as you can see at this point there is a detailed process and a number of steps to go through, but as Destination Wedding Specialists, we ensure that you will have a fun and stress free experience dealing with us.

If you’re ready to move forward, we highly recommend that you fill out our convenient “Wedding Planner Form” and we will be happy to assist you further.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Destination Wedding Over A Local Wedding?2015-09-05T14:47:21-05:00

Cost Savings is One of the Top Benefits!

The largest benefit we have experienced having our very own destination wedding, plus all the feedback from the hundreds of couples we have assisted over the years is the “Cost Savings”. Many studies show that an average local wedding can cost anywhere between $10,000 – $35,000 and up depending on your chosen venue and the amount of guests invited. Also gone are the days where the mother and father are taking on most of the financial responsibility of those costs for there children, so with that in mind, a destination wedding can easily be achieved at a fraction of the cost of a local wedding, and this is one of the top reasons why it is appealing to newly wed couples and also couples looking to renew their Vows as well.

In relation to costs for your out of town guests, and depending on the time of year you have your wedding, it may be more cost effective for your family members and friends to join you at a select destination compared to a local home wedding. Some guests may have to take several flights, or connection flights that force them to overnight in other cities. Then when you add the costs of accommodations, food expense, and rental cars, for attending a “one-day” event it can easily come very close to a cost of a vacation package to an exotic destination for an entire week! If many of your guests vacation yearly, the choice of having a destination wedding is usually the best option.

Second Only to Savings is Convenience.

The second benefit is the “Convenience”. Many couples end up having family and friends that live outside there country and even throughout the world. Your guests may have to take several flights and possibly be exposed to overnight stays in other cities to get to your location, and all this inconvenience is for a One Day Event! With a chosen destination for your wedding, many of your guests will have a direct flight access without all the stress of connecting flights and possible overnights in other cities.

Another True Benefit is Your Peace-of-Mind!

Peace-of-Mind knowing that you have Professionals handling your destination wedding from beginning to end is a valued service that not many couples looking to get married at home can say they have at their disposal.

We’re sure you may have heard one or more horror stories from family and friends, or through the grapevine of how some local weddings turn into a total mess due to the future Bride and Groom having to painstakingly take care of all the planning themselves. That’s a ton of STRESS put on an engaged couple to ensure everything is taken care of, and that no small details fall through the cracks leading up to one of the most important days of there lives!

The bottom line is that you and many couples out there today are extremely busy and just don’t have the time to plan their wedding all by themselves. Plus the fact that most couples just don’t have the extra resources to hire a professional wedding planner.

The “Benefits” of having a Destination Wedding in our opinion Outweigh having a Wedding at Home.

As destination wedding specialists working on your behalf, we do out best to take all that responsibility off your hands and we take care of everything from beginning to completion ! The only responsibility you would have is to select your desired destination, accommodations, and wedding ceremony package and venue! Then you would send out your invitations to all the guests that they would like to attend. That’s it!

We also handle all the communications and planning with the select resort/hotel or cruise ships wedding coordinators. All the arrangements are normally confirmed months in advance of your wedding, and we take full responsibility to ensure all the ceremony details are taken care of from the very beginning to the moment you say your “I do’s”.

What Is The Difference Between Your Company And Those Online Wedding Companies?2016-10-14T09:07:34-05:00

This is a great question and best answered like this. We are very similar, but also very different when it comes to assisting couples in planning a Destination Wedding.


Like many of the top travel agencies and online wedding companies out there that offer destination wedding services, we also have an excellent Preferred Relationship with several of the Big Vacation, Cruise, and Hotel suppliers who provide us with a great selection of product along along with the most competitive rates in the industry. We also have a solid working relationship with a number of wedding coordinators/planners associated with the resorts, hotels, and cruise line companies.

Here’s what truly Separates us From the Other Travel and Online Wedding Agencies!

We dedicate all our preferred resources, and our specialized destination wedding knowledge and skills to fully assist you in planning and arranging your special ceremony. We are virtually dedicated to your wedding and at your disposal 24/7 and we don’t believe in a 9-5pm, 5 day a week retail schedule! This is the very reason why we chose to run our travel business from our home office and not from a inconvenient and restrictive retail environment.

We have an Excellent Working Relationship with many of the Wedding Coordinators/Planners!

We can’t speak for the other travel agencies or online companies, but we are in contact with many of the wedding coordinators/planners on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, so this is a huge advantage for us when we work on your behalf to ensure everything goes smoothly and as planned.

You have our Promise to provide you our Full Attention and Complete Dedication to your Special Event!

In conclusion, having us dedicate our full attention to your unique event is extremely important to us, and we’re sure it’s also very important to you as well. This is your once in a lifetime moment and we want it to be perfect without exception! So why take a chance on a travel agency that may treat your wedding just as another vacation? Also, why would you risk dealing with an online company where you don’t even know who you’re actually dealing with? You’re putting a very special event and hard earned money in the hands of someone that may not truly understand your needs.

The moment you contact us, we do our best to really get to know you, and for you to get to know us as well, either through meeting with us in person, or establishing quality communications over the phone and email! We assure you that when you deal with professionals that have the experience, skills, and passion for destination weddings that we do, that you’re in very good and capable caring hands.

Why Should We Book Our Destination Wedding With Your Travel Company?2016-10-14T09:07:35-05:00

Our Full Dedication to Planning your Special Wedding Event is the Most Important to Us!

The main reasons we believe you should book your destination wedding with our company is that we fully dedicate our services, skills, knowledge, and resources to you. We have been planning and arranging destination weddings for couples going on over 14+ years now to a variety of exotic and exciting locations, such as Mexico, Caribbean, and Europe!

If you haven’t had the chance to view our “About us” page, you will quickly see that we have also arranged our very own destination wedding in Varadero, Cuba back in 2004.

So you will not only see that we have the knowledge, skills, and years of experience in arranging weddings to many of the top destinations, but we also have a huge passion in assisting couples in making their dreams come true with an incredible experience that we will never forget for many years to come!

A Preferred Relationship with our Vacation Suppliers and Wedding Coordinators Makes all the Difference.

Combine all of the above with our Preferred relationship with a number of top vacation, cruise, and hotel suppliers, along with a fantastic and successful working relationship with many of the destination Wedding Coordinators and Planners. This gives us a huge advantage in making sure that the moment we meet, and until the very day you both say your “I do’s”, that you will be in very caring and dedicated hands.

We are an Award Winning Travel Company going on 5+ Years in a Row!

We’re not telling you this to brag, but for the very reason that over the years we took the time to build our business and reputation and the rewards are a reflection of our dedication and hard work. Unlike a travel agency or online wedding company that can easily see employees come and go. We are here to stay and will be focused on providing you and all our future clients the best customer service for many years to come. Who knows, possibly your children will be booking their destination wedding with us!

What Experience Do You Have Planning Destination Weddings?2015-09-05T14:35:51-05:00

We have been assisting couples plan and arrange their destination weddings for over 14+ years to a variety of exciting exotic locations, including the Caribbean, Mexico, and Europe as well.

Each year we take the necessary steps to continue our Education through Destination Wedding Supplier training, Wedding Designations, and on-site inspections of many of the destination and locations where the ceremonies will take place.

This is what we do, and what we do best! We dedicate our full attention to the couple and their wedding group. We handle all aspects of the communications with the Wedding Coordinators and ensure all reservations are confirmed for the ceremony and reception locations.

Having Hands On Wedding Planning Experience is what Truly Sets Us Apart!

Along with helping many couples over the years arranging their weddings, we have had the opportunity to plan and arrange our very own destination wedding back in 2004! Our event took place at an all-inclusive resort located in Varadero, Cuba, so with having complete hands on experience taking part in our own ceremony is truly what sets us apart from other local travel and online wedding planning companies.

Why Do Other Travel Companies Charge Consultation And Booking Fees And You Do Not?2016-10-14T09:07:44-05:00

We always get this question, and when we disclose that we do not charge any consultation or booking fees for assisting couples in planning their destination wedding. We seem to get this confused look followed by a look of relief.

We totally understand how this can confuse couples when you contact other travel or wedding planning companies and find out they charge fees for consulting, as well as booking service fees. However, continue reading and we will do our best to explain why we don’t charge such fees and never will unless we had no choice to do so.

We Believe in Earning your Destination Wedding Business!

Our decision to not charge consulting or booking fees has given us that extra level of service that many couples really appreciate. Once we explain that our goal is to earn your business by not charging such fees is something that allows us to build a strong relationship with the couples looking to use our specialty services.

We’re not going to lie to you and say that it’s a 100% success rate not charging any fees, because we still believe that there are people out there today who strongly believe that before a business relationship is established, or a possible transaction occurs, there should be a certain level of financial commitment, such as a consultation fee or a booking deposit. We never believed in that business model right from the beginning, and so far we have not experienced any negative affects.

In conclusion, we want our clients to be extremely confident and comfortable working with us, and it goes the other way as well. On average we spend over a year with each couple leading up to their wedding departure date, so we want to be sure that all of us are happy to be dealing with each other and that we both made the right choice.

How Far In Advance Should We Be Planning And Booking Our Destination Wedding?2018-06-07T10:02:46-05:00

It’s Best To Be Planning At Least 8 – 12 Months In Advance!

Update: Recommended to Plan and Book a minimum of 12 – 18 months in advance

As we’re updating this answer, which is currently in the summer of 2013, our overall experience with planning destination weddings spanning back to 2009 until now tells us that you need to start your destination wedding planning at least 12 – 18 months in advance for “Wedding Groups” and approximately 8 – 12 months if you don’t plan on having a group minimum of 10 or more guests join you at destination.

The reason for requiring more planning time is that many of the vacation suppliers, resorts, cruise lines, and hotel companies are starting to catch on to this huge growth and demand and many of them now offer their services much earlier to meet this demand.

For example: One of our Preferred Vacation Suppliers provides us Group Wedding Package Rates approximately 2 years in advance. So to sum it up, if a future wedding couple were to contact us now looking to get married two years from now, we would be able to provide them a group quoted rate, as well as book their destination wedding 2 years out.

If you were to ask this same question 5 years ago this answer would not be the same as if you asked this today (2103). Years ago we would have reiterated the industry standard time frame to start planning your destination wedding, which would have been between 8 – 12 months. However, fast forward, and with the massive popularity and growth in weddings being performed outside your country, we needed to adapt quickly to this demand to re-think the amount of time required to reflect the industry standard when it came to planning select weddings at destination.

Please keep in mind that when you start to question the amount of time you need to start your planning, our recommendations are based on couples looking to have a destination wedding at a vacation resort, hotel, or cruise ship. The requirements for a independent ceremony at destination may be different based on the individual wedding planning services you may be looking to deal with. Our best advice is that the moment you become engaged and decide on having a wedding outside your country of residence, contact us and we can provide you with the best information to help you decide when it’s appropriate to start your planning.

Why we refer to Wedding Groups versus Individual Weddings under 10 Guests!

To be completely honest with you, in order to explain why our vacation and cruise suppliers base their criteria on Wedding Groups and not on individual weddings would take a long winded detailed explanation that would require a phone call. So we won’t place the information here on that topic, but if you wish to have us explain this to you, we would be more than happy to do so. Please visit our “Contact” page and drop us an email or give us a call if you happen to live in our Winnipeg area.

Who Takes Care Of My Wedding Once We Arrive At Our Destination?2015-09-05T13:58:34-05:00

You don’t realize how important this question is until you start to read on…

For years the information we would provide to our couples looking to have a destination wedding was pretty standard when it came to explaining the process of the Wedding Coordinator or Planner at destination.

You see, 99% of the destination weddings we have helped arrange take place at an all-inclusive resort, hotel, or with a cruise line company. With virtually all the resorts and hotels, they provide an on-site wedding coordinator, and with the cruise ships, they provide exclusively contracted wedding planners to assist you and this cost for their services is already paid for through your selected ceremony package.

Okay, now you may be asking, where’s the Important part of this question come in to play?

Over the past couple of years we have heard from several couples seeking our travel services that there are a few local and online destination wedding companies that claim they provide and handle all the wedding planning services and these companies charge a considerable amount of money for this service, as well as charge a substantial non-refundable deposit, which we speculate they would still keep even if you decided not to go with their services!

We’re not in a position to question their planning services and why they charge so much for them, but we did feel it’s our position to make you and all future couples aware of these obscure charges and this way you can ask all the important questions to justify those fees and deposits.

Here’s the Truth about Destination Weddings that Apply to All-Inclusive Resorts and Cruise Companies!

In our opinion there are two styles of <strong>”Destination Wedding Specialists”</strong>. The first style is Travel Professionals such as us that assist you with your planning of your wedding at destination. We handle your entire booking to the destination, and then upon your approval, we work on your behalf to contact the individual wedding coordinators at the resort or cruise company and continue on your behalf to handle all the communications, reservations of your wedding ceremony package, date and time.

As well throughout the year leading up to your departure date, we take the necessary steps to ensure all your ceremony requests have been booked and confirmed with the resort, hotel, or cruise line, plus take care of and resolve any possible discrepancies or errors that may occur via the resort or cruise ship coordinator handling your wedding ceremony.

Believe this or not, that our services we provide are extremely important, and many couples deem priceless! Leading up to your departure date we provide you that peace-of-mind that your wedding is going to be exactly what you planned, want, and should expect the moment you arrive at your chosen destination.

However, the moment you depart and show up at your chosen destination, that’s when the resort, hotel, or cruise ship wedding coordinators take over and handle everything related to your booked and confirmed wedding ceremony!

“We Do Not Charge any Planning Fees” for our Services We Provide You!

So the fact remains is that when you deal with our travel company and accept our services to assist you in planning and arranging your destination wedding, we “Do Not Charge You Planning Fees”, because other than assisting you in booking and confirming your wedding ceremony, all the additional planning will be handled by your wedding coordinator at destination!

The bottom line is unless we agreed to join you at destination to continue this planning process on your behalf, and we negotiated a fee for this additional service, you should not be paying for such fees or charges that these other local travel agencies and wedding companies are currently charging.

What Are The Legal Requirements Getting Married Outside My Country Of Residence?2018-06-07T10:06:31-05:00

Depending on which country you choose to be Legally Married will determine which requirements will apply. For your convenience we created a page listing many of the popular destinations you may be considering to have your wedding. If you don’t see your desired country listed on this page, we encourage you to contact us and provide us the country of interested to added to our page.

To find out the Legal Requirements to get married at each destination, we recommend that you contact us for this information: Contact Page

We Have Guests Coming From All Over The Country – How Do We Get Them To Our Wedding?2016-10-14T09:07:44-05:00


In the event your guests live within a town or city that does not have a direct charter flight available to your chosen destination, we can look at other options, such as another vacation supplier offering direct flights from that city, or we can consider quoting your guests “Land Only Resort” rates and then assist them on finding an airline that goes direct or a connection flight to the destination.

In conclusion, we normally can find several options that will meet your guests requests and requirements to have them join you at destination for your wedding, and we can discuss much of the details when we have a moment to talk over the phone or meet in person.

Where And How Do We Pay For Our Wedding Package?2015-09-05T13:51:07-05:00


Payment for Wedding Package at Destination…

Depending on whether you’re wedding package is booked with a resort, hotel, or cruise company will determine when and how you pay for the package. Most resorts, hotels, and cruise companies may request a deposit payment up-front to secure your wedding package and ceremony date by a specified time. This payment usually is sent by you directly to the resort, hotel, or cruise line by credit card, bank draft, or wire transfer.

Unless indicated otherwise, the balance of the wedding package would be due when you arrive at your destination and at the moment when you both sit down with the wedding coordinator to finish your ceremony planning. They will advise you what form of payment they accept for the balance payment of your ceremony and reception package amount.

Where Can I Find Your Wedding Client Testimonials?2016-10-14T09:07:44-05:00

Yes we do! Please visit our ” Wedding Client Testimonials Page” to view our past couples comments.

Would I Get A Refund If I Needed To Cancel My Booking?2020-02-20T09:17:03-06:00

Depending on which airline or vacation/tour company you book with, there will be certain terms and conditions, plus there may be certain restrictions on cancelling your booking which may deem your payment fully or partially non-refundable.

This information will and should be presented to you at time of when you’re booking your travel with us.

For example: If you make a reservation for a discounted flight with a specific airline, or a vacation package with a certain tour company, they may have a no-refund policy. if they do provide refunds, there also may be certain restrictions to qualify to get your money refunded. All of this depends on the type of travel, the terms & conditions, plus indicated restrictions from the airline or vacation/tour company. Non-refundable conditions may also apply based on when you booked, such as within a period of time where no refunds are allowed.

It’s best to ask the necessary questions prior to booking your trip or vacation about cancellation policies that apply to our trip, and also it’s recommended you ask about travel insurance including sufficient cancellation coverage to protect you under situations where refunds are not allowed, and you may have to cancel due to an unexpected travel related risk that may be covered under a cancellation insurance plan.

Important to note: If an Airline or Tour/Vacation supplier does offer refunds, it’s extremely important to read their “Terms & Conditions” or Policies on issuing refunds. You may find out that they may charge you a cancellation fee or fees to your particular airfare or travel component, and as such this amount would be deducted off your refund prior to it being issued to you.

Also be aware of the procedures of requesting and qualifying for your refund, and carefully follow the required airline or travel suppliers terms and conditions. Many will state that to apply for a refund they would require that you either return your unused airline ticket and travel documents together with a covering letter to the travel company you made your reservation with. Depending on each individual company, refunds may take up to 12 weeks to be issued to you.

Who Do I Need To Contact If I Lose My Tickets Or Vouchers?2020-02-20T09:17:58-06:00

The good news is that with most tour operators and vacation companies, plus many of the airlines issue electronic tickets that are sent via your email. All you need to do is go into your email account and print another copy.

If you don’t have access to your email account outside of your home computer, then you can easily contact us, and we would be happy to forward a copy to you or the company requesting it via fax, or we can even send it directly to the airline, hotel, or specific travel company via their requested email address of choice.

If for any reason you were required to have a paper issued ticket, we recommend you contact us immediately to forward a Lost Ticket Indemnity Form that would be required to be completed, and then we can proceed to reissue another ticket.

Please Note: Usually airlines and some travel companies charge a fee to reissuing paper tickets.If you happened to lose your tickets upon arrival, your best option is to contact us, or the airline/vacation/tour company directly to organize a replacement.

When Do I Receive My Travel Documents And How Are They Sent To Me?2015-09-05T13:38:38-05:00

Whether payment is for your flight, vacation package, escorted tour, or cruise, the moment your services are paid in full, you would then be notified when you should expect to receive your documents.

The standard document issuance is immediately upon booking flights, hotel rooms, and car rental services. With Vacation Packages, Tours & Cruises, on average the Vacation Supplier or Cruise Line will issue the documents approximately 14 – 21 days prior to your departure date.

Most if not all documents these days will be sent electronically via your email of choice. However, if you’re a traditionalist or do not have access to an email account and you prefer to receive paper documents, we can mail them out to you regular post, or courier. Regular post would be at no charge to you, however, if your documents require special delivery methods, such as registered mail, or courier, this would be an additional expense covered by the customer requesting such services.

The only other time you may not receive your documents on time is if you book your vacation, tour, or cruise too close to your travel date and we would not have enough time to mail or courier out your documents due to the time limitations. The only option would be a scheduled pick up either at the airport or the cruise port terminal where you will be departing.

Do I Need A Passport If I Am Traveling Outside My Country Of Residence?2015-09-05T13:27:32-05:00

We feel strongly that obtaining a Passport is very important when deciding to travel outside your residing country!

Every year we are being advised that more countries are making them mandatory for entry, and even though you believe that you’re travelling to a destination that does not require it, we still feel that it’s worth the expense and peace-of-mind to have one.

As of 2013 the United States now requires that you have a valid passport when crossing their borders by ground, but we highly recommend that if you don’t already have an issued valid passport that you double check with any country including the United States to find out what alternative Identification is required to enter or cross their borders without any issues.

For more information on obtaining a Passport, please visit: Passport Canada
Will I Be Safe If I Decide To Travel By Myself?2015-09-05T13:24:19-05:00

Travelling to many countries by yourself normally is safe as long as you use common sense and plan your trip ahead of time with placing all the necessary precautions, such as giving a family member or close friend your travel route and contact information in case they need to reach you.

We recommend that you first do your research on where you are panning to visit, and then once you know where you’re going to go, take a moment to visit the Canadian Consular Affairs for any travel advisories that may possibly affect you.

As mentioned, you can leave a detailed contact list and itinerary with a family member or friend letting them know where you’re going, especially if you’re visiting several places on your trip.

For example: If you happen to be backpacking where you’re not always in one place, we also suggest that if your itinerary changes, that you update your family or friends on these changes and also provide new contact dates they can expect to hear from you. Other than that, always exercise caution, use your gut feeling, and you should have a great time traveling alone.

Do You Have Testimonials That I Can Read?2018-06-07T10:12:02-05:00

A matter of fact we do have Client Testimonials where we have placed their valued feedback and comments! Please visit our: Vacation TestimonialsClick here, and for Destination Wedding TestimonialsClick here.

What Payment Options Do We Have When Booking With Your Travel Company?2020-02-20T09:18:35-06:00

Payment Options:

Payments for our travel services can be made by credit card, certified cheque, or cash. Pretty much 99% of clients do their payments over the phone with credit card, where the payment goes directly to the Airlines, Hotels, or the select Vacation and Tour Suppliers offering the services you have purchased.

However, if you wish to pay by certified cheque or cash, you can do so in person, by standard mail service, E-Bank Transfers, and Direct Bank Deposits at any Royal Bank location. When using the E-Transfer or Direct Deposit payment methods, we would issue our Royal Bank Business Account Transit Number, where you can deposit payment directly into the Travel Professionals International Bank Account.

Please Note: When paying by Certified Cheque or Cash. It’s important to know that until your cheque or cash has been received/deposited and is confirmed by us, the Bank, and our Accounting Department, we would not be able to proceed with the booking reservation until such confirmation is issued.

How Secure And Private Is My Personal Information With Your Company?2020-02-20T09:19:16-06:00


Any information submitted to us is Protected under our policies in place, and no personal or financial information will be shared outside of Travel Professionals International without your authority and written consent to do so.

Our Policy ensures your right to Privacy.

We will not share your information outside of Bill & Maria’s – The Traveling Agent or our Affiliate Company Travel Professionals International without your authorization to do so. To read more visit our Privacy Policy page.

Do I Really Need Travel Insurance When I Go On My Trip Or Vacation?2020-02-20T09:13:24-06:00

We always highly recommend and suggest that everyone planning on leaving their country of residence  to very that they have Travel Insurance, and if they don’t, that they purchase not only Travel Medical coverage, but also Trip Cancellation/Interruption/Delay, Travel Accident, and Baggage coverage for Theft/Loss. All this coverage can be purchased in one convenient Plan at a very affordable price based on the duration of your trip, your current age when travelling, and the overall cost of your trip/vacation package!

So whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you should definitely already have full travel insurance coverage, or purchase it as soon as you put down any money that will be deemed non-refundable.

To verify that you have such Travel Medical and Cancellation/Interruption coverage, talk with your place of Employment to see what plan they may be offering you. Also contact your Credit Card company to see if they offer you such Insurance coverage as well.

Questions To Ask Your Employer or Credit Card Company:

Questions to ask your Employer:

  • Do I have Travel Medical coverage through my plan with the company? Your Human Resources department should be able to provide you more details on your current company plan and if it includes travel medical coverage.
  • Do I have Cancellation/Interruption coverage as well? This is separate from Medical coverage. If you do have both coverage’s, find out the amounts and verify if the coverage is sufficient.

Questions to ask your Credit Card Company:

  • Do I have Travel Medical/Cancellation/Interruption coverage through my Credit Card? If so, is it currently Active? Where can I receive all the details on this available coverage?
  • Is this Travel Insurance coverage Free or do I pay an Annual Fee for this coverage? Is there any supplemental coverage that I need to purchase?
  • Do I need to have all my payments on this credit card to qualify for the coverage? This includes your Deposits and Full Payment Package amounts.
  • Is my Family covered under my Credit Card Coverage?
  • Does the Credit Card coverage pay claims up-front, or do I have to pay the claim cost and then get Reimbursed? What’s the time frame to be reimbursed?

In Conclusion, All We Ask Is That You Verify Your Coverage!

These days you never know what may happen, and like your house or car insurance, you hope that you never have to use it, but in the unexpected event you do, it is extremely important to know that your coverage is sufficient enough. The last thing you want to find out is that you don’t have enough travel insurance coverage after you placed a Medical or Cancellation claim. For the few extra dollars to have the right amount of protection will prevent you from having to pay thousands of dollars out of your own pocket! 

We always hate hearing such stories about our clients that thought they had enough coverage, and later finding out they didn’t. For example: Let’s say your Travel plan or Insurance policy indicates that your medical coverage is 1,000,000. That’s sounds like a lot of money and in most cases could be enough. But if you happen to fall ill or become injured and you were rerouted to Hospital in the United States. That million dollars may not be enough. Even if your claim ended in the amount of 1,050,000. Yes your 1 million will be covered but who’s going to cover the additional $50,000 owing. That’s going to  be your cost out of pocket, and how many people would have fifty thousand dollars in their bank account to pay such as cost?

So please make sure you’re sufficiently protected, and if you don’t feel you are, purchase an additional top up plan or one of the many Travel Insurance Plans that provide more coverage for the time you’re away.

Do You Charge Any Service Fees?2020-02-20T09:20:00-06:00

In most cases we do not charge our clients services fees, and the fact that we are not a big supporter of charging such fees, there are select situations where the airlines, or some of our related travel suppliers do not compensate us for providing their services to our clients, and unfortunately we have no choice but to charge a fee to handle such bookings on your behalf!

We strongly believe most of our clients understand our situation with the Airlines, including these other suppliers that have made the decision not to compensate us for selling their products or services, and our valued clients willingly pay the nominally fees charged. However, to avoid such fees, in many cases if we come across a circumstance where we can provide our clients the option to book their own Travel Services direct to avoid paying such fees, we do our best to encourage and support this option, but have to advise our clients that we do not have access to their files or can assist them, due to the strict “Consumer Privacy Act”. This means that you’re avoiding a fee, but forfeit the valued services we provide after we make that booking for you. 

Our goal is to provide you the best customer service and support as possible, and in most cases we would justify the fees with booking your requested travel service, and this would provide our ongoing monitoring and support. 

In conclusion, if you decide to book your travel services on your own to avoid such fees, you’re fully responsible for any errors and discrepancies, and you are responsible in taking all the necessary time to fix such errors if they were to occur. You also have to monitor your services, as there are frequent schedule changes, and also could be errors that occur on the side of the airlines or companies offering the services.

So paying a fee for our services in the long run may be much cheaper than booking your services directly to avoid the fee charged. As we are the ones that assist you in your booking and take all the necessary steps to verify all information is correct. We monitor your booking up until you fulfill your services, and if there any times that we come across any errors or discrepancies and they need to be fixed, we are responsible for doing so on your behalf.


What Is The Advantage Booking With You Over Booking Directly With The Vacation Supplier?2020-02-20T09:20:59-06:00

In all honesty, this could easily fall under a Yes or No answer, and it all depends on several factors! One of course being price! Other than the topic of pricing, there truly is no comparison when it comes to customer support that you would receive from us.

In most cases when you visit many of the Canadian Vacation Suppliers websites and view their vacation packages their pricing is normally higher than what we can offer.

However, depending on when you book your vacation and the time of year, there are moments when you may see a lower package pricing on the suppliers websites that is based on several factors. Such as cancellations, low demand for a destination or a resort, or they may just have an internal promotion to attempt to create online awareness of their company and services offered.

One important note we would like to mention, and that is most, if not all of these vacation suppliers you see online offer us the travel agents online access for us to book these deals on your behalf, and if we do this for you on your behalf, you have our complete customer service and ongoing support, and the suppliers still compensate us for the booking. So this is a win-win for you and us!

If you decide to Book your Vacation Package Online yourself, please be Aware!

One important factor you need to be aware of when you decide to book the vacation package online yourself, and that is you’re then fully responsible to check and monitor your booking for any errors (by you or the tour company agent).

Errors that commonly occur are, wrong spelling of your names, incorrect departure date selection, or what commonly happens is clients may book the wrong destination by mistake!, and you will be fully responsible for those errors if they did occur! Also after you have made your booking reservation online, you would have to take the necessary time and resources to monitor any tour/flight cancellations as well.

One of the Many Advantages Booking your Vacation with Us!

From the day you book with us, we take care of your file by confirming all information is correct, and if there are any errors caused by the supplier that we booked on your behalf, we take full responsibility to immediately fix those errors to avoid any future change/modification penalties.

We also on your behalf watch over your booking to ensure no changes or cancellations happen, and if they do, we notify you right away the moment we get the information. For paying the same price as booking your trip or vacation online yourself, you receive complete peace-of-mind that we are taking care of you in the event something happens that is totally out of your control or awareness!

Who Are You And What Travel Services Do You Offer?2021-04-01T11:29:40-05:00

We are travel professionals that have been working in the travel industry since 2001. We both graduated with a Diploma through Robertson College in the “Specialized Travel Program”, and we established our careers working for several large Corporate and Retail Vacation companies located in Winnipeg and Vancouver. Our careers in other Agencies spanned from 2001 – 2007 until we decided to move from Vancouver back to Winnipeg to start our very own travel business. 

We became an Independent Manitoba registered Travel Company in August 2007 under the name: “Bill & Maria’s – The Traveling Agent” with a partnership agreement with a travel host company (The Travel Agent Next Door) and the rest is history.

This was a big decision for us, as we truly understood that we could do so much more for our valued clients if we Specialized in specific areas of travel that helped them the most. This is why we focused on Group Vacation Services that included assisting couples to plan their Destination Weddings and Individuals and Families with their Group Vacation planning. Planning group vacations and special destination events required our full attention without any distractions. We needed to assure our valued clients that we provided them the best customer service. We joke at times that we are available to you virtually 24/7 as we provide ways to reach us when you really need us…

We currently service the local Winnipeg, and surrounding Manitoba areas offering our exclusive Specialty Travel Services, along with a wide variety of other travel products and services. We also proudly assist many of our clients throughout Canada in major Canadian cities, including, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatchewan, Toronto, as well as the United States and Europe.

We have a strong Online and Social Media presence, where you can see we have this website you’re currently visiting, along with another valuable website offering unique travel information, an online “Search & Book” Portal where you can access 24/7, plus, a list of many “Tours” offered, “Exclusive Contests” to take part in, and so much more… If you wish to visit that website you can do so by Clicking this Website Link: TheTravelingAgent.com

To visit our Social Networks, you can see our Social Icons listed on the left-hand side column and the bottom of each page on this site. Take a moment to visit our Social Networks and consider joining to view exclusive travel and vacation information you won’t find anywhere else.

One last note: We have introduced our new “Independent Vacation Club”, and if this is of interest to you, we encourage you to visit our FAQ’s on that, and if you have any questions, please reach out to us through our Contact Page to fill out our form, email, or, call us directly. We will be more than happy to provide you more details on this new program…




Why Do You Run Your Travel Business From Home And Not A Retail Office?2020-02-20T09:23:37-06:00

This is a great question! Allow us to explain the reason why we chose to work from home rather than a retail office.

Our involvement in travel goes back to 2001 when we officially became established in the travel industry, and as we move forward to 2006, we both built our careers working for several well-established Corporate and Vacation Retail companies located in Winnipeg and Vancouver as well.

It was around late 2006 when we felt that we outgrew the Retail and Corporate travel environment, and with our experience and passion in Destination Weddings and Specialty Group Vacations, it was time for us to grow our passion by becoming independent travel professionals and run our own business.

We chose to partner with an established travel company (Travel Professionals International – 2007 -2018) who gave us the option to run our specialty travel business from a home office. In 2018 we switched over to another travel host company called (The Travel Agent Next Door), and this was extremely important to us, because as we established our travel company on the model of convenience and having complete flexibility. With no set hours or being subjected to a restricted retail environment, gave us the opportunity to provide our clients with the most flexible and convenient customer service and meeting environment.

Also working from our home travel office gives us the opportunity to keep our businesses expenses down, allowing for us to pass those additional savings on to our valued clients through extra travel and vacation incentives and perks.

However, by saying all this, we are always open to considering going Retail in the future, and if the demand is big enough, we would definitely look at that as an option. But, for now, we are happy with running our travel company as a home-based business, and our clients love the flexibility and convenience as well.

Who Is TTAND And What Is Your Relationship With Them?2020-03-02T11:00:44-06:00

Here is a brief explanation of “TTAND” and our connection with this Travel Host company…

The “Travel Agent Next Door” is a valued Canadian travel organization that has built a reputation on providing quality support, marketing, and back-end travel reservation services for dedicated independent Primary and Associate Agents. TTAND has the capability to offer us some of the best travel industry and related products and services, as well as “Preferred” relationships with several of the major Canadian vacation suppliers, cruise ship suppliers, airlines, plus many other top related travel suppliers in the Hotel, Car Rental, and Tours/Excursions industry. TTAND provides us with the most modern state of the art marketing, booking and reservation systems available in the travel industry today, and that provides us an advantage to be very competitive in today’s travel markets.

TTAND established their business in Ontario, Canada roughly 5 years ago, later expanding their presence across Canada with over 500+ Primary/Associates Agents from Coast to Coast, The Travel Agent Next Door has been capable of providing a long-standing membership status with several related and non-related industry associations, including the International Air Transportation Association (IATA), the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

TTAND has a Strong Presence in the Canadian and International Travel Marketplace for Over 5 Years!

With The Travel Agent Next Door’s reputation and presence in the Canadian and International marketplace, their expertise, quality resources, corporate programs, and advanced technology truly distinguish us as leaders in our industry.

We are currently running our home-based travel business under our Manitoba Registered business name “Bill & Maria’s – The Traveling Agent” and this has allowed us to provide our clients a wide variety of top-level travel and vacation products along with quality customer service that you would expect and deserve receive.

To find out more about TTAND, please visit their corporate website, The Travel Agent Next Door.

If you’re reading this and you wish to look into becoming a Travel Associate with us or with TTAND, we encourage you to visit our Contact Page to fill out our convenient form. Or, you can also reach us by email at info@thetravelingagent.ca and directly by phone at, and we will be more happy to provide you more information and options available to you…

How Can I Get Involved in Selling Travel?2020-05-26T09:02:07-05:00

To become a Primary Agent or an Associate Agent “The Travel Agent Next Door” is simple!

Below I will explain 2 ways you can do so:

Option #1: Direct Primary Agent

As a Direct Primary Agent –all you need to do is visit their website The Travel Agent Next Door and read the variety of options they provide you! Once you feel you’re ready to take the next step, reach out to them and tell them Bill & Maria sent you and they will take care of you from there.

Please Note: Becoming an Independent Primary Agent directly with “TTAND” will come with additional costs that you would not have to pay to become a partner with us, and you will receive more details when you contact them directly on the costs…

Option #2: Becoming an Associate Agent Under Us

You can consider joining as an Associate Agent under us (Bill & Maria’s – Traveling Agent), and this way you will experience savings and complete support directly from the both of us, plus our growing team of Associates already with us to date.

The Main Advantages Becoming A Part Of Our Travel Team Is…

You will immediately receive our Complete Support and Ongoing Training as an Associate Agent under us! This is extremely important as the TTAND head office will provide you with limited support, but there will be times where you will require that extra knowledge, experience, and immediate assistance that we can offer you. The Head office is available to help you during their business hours, and we are sure you understand that an independent business doesn’t necessarily run on retail or office hours, and there will be times you will need such help and support during a time that head office will not be available to you.

So having virtually 24/7 access to our Support and Knowledge, in our strongest opinion is invaluable!

As a Team Member under us, you would receive our immediate “Marketing and Social Media Support“! There’s no question you would be receiving a small level of marketing support from head office, but it’s extremely limited and not accessible to you at all times. When you’re a part of our team, you will not only receive our extensive ongoing support, but you will also have access to all of our Marketing Materials and Ongoing Training that has successfully helped us build our very own travel business to Platinum level status. You will also receive a complimentary Business Travel Website from us, and that value alone is over $1000.00.

If a Travel Career is something you always considered and you don’t want to go it alone, we would love to discuss these options in more detail in person or over the phone, and help you decide what works best for your needs. We can set up a time and a day/evening to do so by calling us at 204.219.4254 or email us from our contact page, and we will be happy to guide you in the right direction.

Why Should I Book My Travel Through You Rather Than An Online Travel Company?2020-03-08T08:25:09-05:00

Booking your trip, vacation, or related travel component online is certainly convenient for many, and we fully understand when it comes to reserving a flight, hotel room, or just renting a car, using an online travel company may be the route to go.

However, there are times when a Travel Agent becomes extremely important, especially when planning a Group Event, such as a Destination Wedding, or a Group Tour that requires a level of experience putting together a number of travel components, handling all the logistics and group details, as well as taking care of your guests that join on your group. In the end, it can be very complicated and confusing for most, and a lot of extra work and maintenance that you may not have to the time for.

Keep in mind when you’re dealing with a live professional travel agent, whether you book your trip or vacation in person, over the phone, or even via our travel agency website, you will always have peace-of-mind knowing that we are available to monitor your booking, and ensure that everything correct.

If for any reason something occurs that is out of your control, or there’s an issue with your booking that was not brought to your attention, such as your flight has a major schedule change, or your vacation tour you booked months ago just canceled, or possibly a serious activity at your destination requires immediate notification to you.

All these situations and are monitored by us, and we keep on top of this information for you so you don’t have to! The moment we are notified or we find out, you’re contacting directly by us by a phone call with a full explanation and options. This is a service you would not receive from an online travel company, and in most cases, the only notification you would receive is a message via email.

Imagine your email service was down, or you changed your email address and didn’t get that important information. Not knowing of an important change or an event at your destination of travel can turn out to cost you a lot of extra costs and stress!

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