In most cases we do not charge our clients services fees, and the fact that we are not a big supporter of charging such fees, there are select situations where the airlines, or some of our related travel suppliers do not compensate us for providing their services to our clients, and unfortunately we have no choice but to charge a fee to handle such bookings on your behalf!

We strongly believe most of our clients understand our situation with the Airlines, including these other suppliers that have made the decision not to compensate us for selling their products or services, and our valued clients willingly pay the nominally fees charged. However, to avoid such fees, in many cases if we come across a circumstance where we can provide our clients the option to book their own Travel Services direct to avoid paying such fees, we do our best to encourage and support this option, but have to advise our clients that we do not have access to their files or can assist them, due to the strict “Consumer Privacy Act”. This means that you’re avoiding a fee, but forfeit the valued services we provide after we make that booking for you. 

Our goal is to provide you the best customer service and support as possible, and in most cases we would justify the fees with booking your requested travel service, and this would provide our ongoing monitoring and support. 

In conclusion, if you decide to book your travel services on your own to avoid such fees, you’re fully responsible for any errors and discrepancies, and you are responsible in taking all the necessary time to fix such errors if they were to occur. You also have to monitor your services, as there are frequent schedule changes, and also could be errors that occur on the side of the airlines or companies offering the services.

So paying a fee for our services in the long run may be much cheaper than booking your services directly to avoid the fee charged. As we are the ones that assist you in your booking and take all the necessary steps to verify all information is correct. We monitor your booking up until you fulfill your services, and if there any times that we come across any errors or discrepancies and they need to be fixed, we are responsible for doing so on your behalf.