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Travel Insurance Options Provided by – Manulife


Take a moment to see what this insurance covers and the services it provides you and your family. The cost of this insurance is much less compared to the financial loss you could be protected from if you have to interrupt or cancel your entire trip unexpectedly. The cost of this insurance is also small in comparison to the potential costs of an unexpected medical emergency in a foreign country.

Manulife Travel Insurance Coverage for Canadians


Manulife Travel Insurance is pleased to provide you with value-added medical concierge services when you have Emergency Medical Insurance coverage.

What services are available? StandbyMD offers you:

• Anywhere you travel, telephone access to a qualified physician who can assess your symptoms and provide treatment options

• In 86 countries and over 4000 cities, access to physician house call visits. In addition, when you travel to the United States, StandbyMD offers the following services:

• Same-day co-ordination and delivery of lost/forgotten prescription maintenance medication, eyeglasses or contact lenses, and medical supplies

• Referral to medical specialists, chiropractors, dentists, walk-in clinics, urgent care centers, or more than 50,000 hospitals for evaluation and treatment

• Physician co-ordination to an Emergency Room and, whenever possible in select cities, will “fast track” you through the Emergency Room.

To access this service, simply call the Assistance Centre using the phone numbers indicated on the wallet card. Conditions, limitations, and exclusions apply.

Note: This service is provided by our partner StandbyMD and not by Manulife.

Frequently Asked Question – Manulife Travel Insurance

Do I Really Need Travel Insurance When I Go On My Trip Or Vacation?2020-02-20T09:13:24-06:00

We always highly recommend and suggest that everyone planning on leaving their country of residence  to very that they have Travel Insurance, and if they don’t, that they purchase not only Travel Medical coverage, but also Trip Cancellation/Interruption/Delay, Travel Accident, and Baggage coverage for Theft/Loss. All this coverage can be purchased in one convenient Plan at a very affordable price based on the duration of your trip, your current age when travelling, and the overall cost of your trip/vacation package!

So whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you should definitely already have full travel insurance coverage, or purchase it as soon as you put down any money that will be deemed non-refundable.

To verify that you have such Travel Medical and Cancellation/Interruption coverage, talk with your place of Employment to see what plan they may be offering you. Also contact your Credit Card company to see if they offer you such Insurance coverage as well.

Questions To Ask Your Employer or Credit Card Company:

Questions to ask your Employer:

  • Do I have Travel Medical coverage through my plan with the company? Your Human Resources department should be able to provide you more details on your current company plan and if it includes travel medical coverage.
  • Do I have Cancellation/Interruption coverage as well? This is separate from Medical coverage. If you do have both coverage’s, find out the amounts and verify if the coverage is sufficient.

Questions to ask your Credit Card Company:

  • Do I have Travel Medical/Cancellation/Interruption coverage through my Credit Card? If so, is it currently Active? Where can I receive all the details on this available coverage?
  • Is this Travel Insurance coverage Free or do I pay an Annual Fee for this coverage? Is there any supplemental coverage that I need to purchase?
  • Do I need to have all my payments on this credit card to qualify for the coverage? This includes your Deposits and Full Payment Package amounts.
  • Is my Family covered under my Credit Card Coverage?
  • Does the Credit Card coverage pay claims up-front, or do I have to pay the claim cost and then get Reimbursed? What’s the time frame to be reimbursed?

In Conclusion, All We Ask Is That You Verify Your Coverage!

These days you never know what may happen, and like your house or car insurance, you hope that you never have to use it, but in the unexpected event you do, it is extremely important to know that your coverage is sufficient enough. The last thing you want to find out is that you don’t have enough travel insurance coverage after you placed a Medical or Cancellation claim. For the few extra dollars to have the right amount of protection will prevent you from having to pay thousands of dollars out of your own pocket! 

We always hate hearing such stories about our clients that thought they had enough coverage, and later finding out they didn’t. For example: Let’s say your Travel plan or Insurance policy indicates that your medical coverage is 1,000,000. That’s sounds like a lot of money and in most cases could be enough. But if you happen to fall ill or become injured and you were rerouted to Hospital in the United States. That million dollars may not be enough. Even if your claim ended in the amount of 1,050,000. Yes your 1 million will be covered but who’s going to cover the additional $50,000 owing. That’s going to  be your cost out of pocket, and how many people would have fifty thousand dollars in their bank account to pay such as cost?

So please make sure you’re sufficiently protected, and if you don’t feel you are, purchase an additional top up plan or one of the many Travel Insurance Plans that provide more coverage for the time you’re away.

How Secure And Private Is My Personal Information With Your Company?2020-02-20T09:19:16-06:00


Any information submitted to us is Protected under our policies in place, and no personal or financial information will be shared outside of Travel Professionals International without your authority and written consent to do so.

Our Policy ensures your right to Privacy.

We will not share your information outside of Bill & Maria’s – The Traveling Agent or our Affiliate Company Travel Professionals International without your authorization to do so. To read more visit our Privacy Policy page.

I would like to purchase an Annual Emergency Medical plan. I’m not travelling though until early next year. Can I buy the coverage today?2019-07-31T07:31:50-05:00

Under the Annual Emergency Medical Plan, the first travel date may not be scheduled more than 3 months after the Annual Plan premium is paid.

I have a heart condition that I have had for 2 years now. My doctor says I can travel. Will this insurance cover me if I suffer a heart attack while on my trip?2019-07-31T07:48:09-05:00

To determine the stability requirement of any medical condition, please refer to the definition of stable within the policy booklet. Please also take the time to review other exclusions and conditions of the coverage outlined in the policy as the period of being stable depends on the coverage chosen and the age at the time of purchase.

The travel insurance policy can be viewed here: Manulife Premium Protection Plan Policy


I’d like to have travel insurance coverage for all of next month. Can I come home for a weekend and then return to my trip and keep my coverage?2019-07-31T08:09:28-05:00

No. Coverage terminates when you return to your point of departure.

Can I buy insurance after I’ve started my trip?2020-02-20T09:14:59-06:00

No. Coverage must be purchased prior to departure. However, if you do have coverage in place, you may request an extension of your coverage if you extend your trip.

Can I get a refund on my insurance premium?2019-07-31T08:12:09-05:00

Some refunds are permitted. Please contact the person/travel company you are going to purchase from and request more details on the Refund/Change option.

We have a trip scheduled for next month and we have an All-Inclusive policy. We have just been notified that my partner has been called for jury duty. Are we covered if we cancel the trip?2019-07-31T08:13:20-05:00

It depends on when your partner has to report for jury duty. If that date falls during your trip, you may submit a claim for trip cancellation.

I booked a trip and purchased an All-Inclusive plan with $3,500 coverage prior to departure. If I am sick and can’t travel do I get the $3,500 back?2019-07-31T08:20:30-05:00

It will depend on what the non-refundable portion of your trip is at the time you developed the medical condition. The examiner will look at the penalties that were applicable to you on the date of the cause of the cancellation or on the next business day at the latest and you will be reimbursed for covered non-refundable expenses.

If you have purchased the Premium Protection Plan Policy Coverage you may cancel for Any Reason and will be reimbursed for amounts listed below…


1. 7 days prior to departure 75% of the non-refundable trip cost
2. 6 days to 24 hours prior to departure 75% refund up to a maximum of $1,500


  • You could not get the time off work
  • You are starting a new job/position
  • You don’t like the weather forecast
  • You simply change your mind
I have booked a trip and purchased an All-Inclusive plan. I will be taking my golf clubs with me. Will you reimburse me if my clubs are stolen?2019-07-31T08:22:15-05:00

If your clubs are stolen and you can provide documentation to that effect, you are eligible to file a claim. However, the baggage insurance covers a maximum dollar amount and may not be sufficient to cover your entire loss. You may be able to claim the difference through your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Does your Emergency Medical plan cover me if I require medical attention due to injuries sustained while scuba diving?2019-07-31T08:22:52-05:00

Scuba diving is covered only if it is not your principal paid occupation.

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