We have been proudly helping couples plan and arrange their Destination Weddings for over 15+ years, to some of the most exotic places on this planet, including Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, and various destinations in North America as well!

Our goal is always to treat you with the respect that you deserve and establish that you’re a priority to us the moment we meet with you. We are fully aware that this is a special once-in-a-lifetime event, that is extremely important to you, and even though you’re getting married in a vacation destination, this is not just a vacation for you and your guests, but, a moment the both of you become one in Paradise!

We Do All The Destination Wedding Planning On Your Behalf!

Unlike planning your wedding ceremony here at home, where you have the luxury of viewing the local wedding venues and have the opportunity to sit down with an event planner, or a wedding coordinator to go over all the details. When it comes to a Destination Wedding, unless you travel to the venue prior to your ceremony date, chances are you are taking that risk that something can be overlooked or missed during the planning process.

This is where Destination Wedding Specialists like us come into play, as we fully understand the stress and worry that you may go through, especially with not knowing all the details before you arrive. We take all the necessary time to sit down with you in a personal meeting over the phone, Skype, Zoom, or, whichever platform you’re comfortable in using. We provide you that peace-of-mind that all the details will be discussed and taken care of by us, and we will assure you that with our years of experience and knowledge, you will be in caring hands.

With many of the Resorts, Cruise Lines, and also select destination Wedding Venues, we have established an amazing relationship with. Where they know us and trust that we are taking you through the proper planning process. We know the most important questions to ask when to ask them, and also when various details of the planning process require official confirmation.

If you feel you want to be more involved in the planning process, we highly encourage that you are! We take the steps to make sure you’re fully involved in all the communications between the event wedding coordinators and planners, and any input from you is welcomed! We want to ensure that when you arrive at your destination, that you feel that you had an important role in the success of your wedding event.


Most destination weddings have guests that join them at the destination, and if you’re planning on having family and friends attend your wedding, we have you covered! This is what we do best as Group Wedding Specialists, where we help you plan and arrange your wedding group by taking all the hard work off of your hands, and we handle everything from the very beginning of the wedding group booking process to the moment you arrive at destination to say your “I do’s”.

At the end of the day, we believe you will agree, that you don’t want to have to contact all your group guests on your own and have to ask them for payments, plus, we are sure that you don’t want to answer all the questions they may ask. This is why you allow us to handle it on your behalf, and you can continue taking care of your busy lives knowing you’re in good hands.

For Groups, here’s exactly what we do for you:

  • Contact all Venues you’re interested in having your ceremony, and we take the time to verify available “Wedding Packages”, “Venue Locations” and important “Ceremony Dates and Times”. Plus, we also open up clear communications with the Resort, Cruise, or, the Independent Tour company to ensure all details are taken care of for your special wedding event day.
  • We take care of all communications with your wedding guests, to ensure they have all the important wedding group details, such as the “Ceremony Date”, “Deposit and Final Payment” dates, and so much more!
  • We work as a liaison between you and the venue’s Wedding Coordinator to confirm all details of your requirements. Once all details are confirmed in writing, we then monitor your reservations to establish that there are no errors or discrepancies. If any issues arise, we take the necessary steps to fix them in a timely manner and make sure you’re always kept in the loop of communication.
  • If your wedding group is booked with one of our many vacation Tour companies, we take the necessary steps to monitor your group in the event of any forced cancellations, schedule changes, or events that may cause conflicts with your chosen destination and ceremony venue. Plus, so much more that we can’t list here, but will definitely discuss with you in our meetings.

This is what we love to do, and we look forward to talking with you and hopefully helping you plan one of the most important events in your lives! Please continue to view our Destination Wedding options and Select chosen Venues below.

Resort Weddings – An All-Inclusive Experience!

Imagine, saying your “I Do’s” on a spectacular powdery white sand beach, as a gentle breeze carries an exotic floral scent throughout the air! Or picture both of you having your ceremony on the resort’s well-landscaped grounds under a beautifully decorated wedding gazebo. Whichever you choose, the memories will last a lifetime!

Who’s Best Suited for An All-Inclusive Resort Wedding?

With an all-inclusive resort wedding, they take care of everything, so all you need to do is arrive at the resort, settle in, and then sit down with a resort wedding coordinator to select your ceremony location, flowers, colors, cake option, get married and then relax and enjoy every moment thereafter with your life partner. It’s truly that simple!

Whatever your resort wedding choice might be, your dream ceremony can easily become a reality with the wide variety of all-inclusive properties located in many spectacular destinations throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, and Europe!

A resort wedding ceremony is best suited for couples that have a fixed budget in mind and would like to know the bottom-line costs ahead of time. With an all-inclusive plan offered through the resort, couples know that everything is included, such as their accommodations, meals, snacks, beverages, including alcohol, and the resort entertainment. Also, if you book your all-inclusive vacation package through any of our local suppliers, the cost of the flight and resort return ground transfers are all included as well.

The only additional cost couples need to take care of is the actual wedding ceremony package that is offered through the resort. However, there are many all-inclusive properties that do offer complimentary wedding packages if you have a qualified number of guests that stay at the resort and attend your wedding.

Is having a religious ceremony important to you?

Great news! There are a select number of resort properties that recognize the importance of your religious requirements and for that reason have made it possible to accommodate your needs, by offering the services of a local Priest, as well as provide you a church authorized facility, which is located on the resort’s property to conduct the religious ceremony.

A Convenient Option When Family & Friends Live in Other Cities Or Countries!

One major advantage when couples decide to have their wedding at a select destination, is that it is more accessible for family members and close friends from other cities, or, other countries to join you in your celebration. This is a huge plus because if planned properly, many of your guests will have direct access to your chosen destination from their departure city. If your family and friends already go on yearly vacations, this is one way to easily accommodate your guests in one central location.

Choosing A Resort That Will Work Best for You and Your Guests.

No matter what destination you choose, you will find the perfect resort for your accommodations and wedding ceremony. From Superior all-inclusive resorts to Luxury Included vacation properties that can provide you the very best in services and amenities! Depending on you and your guest’s needs, we are certain there’s a resort out there that will be right for everyone’s budget.

To properly assist you in finding the best vacation property for your wedding, we have listed several top all-inclusive resort picks based on positive experiences from past wedding clients. As well, we have received great feedback on many of these select all-inclusive properties.

Luxury Cruise Ship & Exotic Port Weddings

The choice of cruise ships, itineraries, and ports of call are plentiful, and all you have to do is decide what type of cruise sailing you would like for your wedding event. You have the choice of taking an intimate cruise on a small to medium-sized luxury vessel, or you can select any of the larger and more mainstream style ships that offer an array of amenities, services, and entertainment. In the end, you choose what works best for your special event at sea!

There is a wide variety of quality cruise wedding packages to select from, with over a hundred ports to experience. Are you looking for something exotic? How about you consider sailing the Caribbean or South America. Or do you love history? Then consider European cruise where many of the ports-of-call are extremely rich in history and culture!

Have Your Wedding Ceremony at Your Dream Port Destination!

If you have been thinking about having your ceremony at one of the many available sailing destinations, this is an option many cruise lines are very happy to provide you! You can easily be saying your “I Do’s” on a spectacular white sand beach in the Cayman Islands, or you can easily be exchanging your vows on a cliff overlooking the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea in Greece! Have you ever thought about having an old-style traditional ceremony on a rooftop garden in Italy? Guess what? This can be arranged!

Cruise weddings allow you to plan a beautiful ceremony at a fraction of the cost of a wedding at home! Experience all the exotic and unique services and amenities that will have you both feeling like celebrity newlyweds. The best part of a cruise ship wedding is that you leave the planning to us and the cruise wedding coordinator! All you and guests need to do is show up and enjoy your memorable cruise.

We encourage you to take a moment and browse our “Top” selected cruise ship options below and see what really stands out to you. The moment you find something you like, reach out to us and we will take you step-by-step in the process of planning your cruise sailing and ceremony. We look forward to hearing from you.

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