Cost Savings is One of the Top Benefits!

The largest benefit we have experienced having our very own destination wedding, plus all the feedback from the hundreds of couples we have assisted over the years is the “Cost Savings”. Many studies show that an average local wedding can cost anywhere between $10,000 – $35,000 and up depending on your chosen venue and the amount of guests invited. Also gone are the days where the mother and father are taking on most of the financial responsibility of those costs for there children, so with that in mind, a destination wedding can easily be achieved at a fraction of the cost of a local wedding, and this is one of the top reasons why it is appealing to newly wed couples and also couples looking to renew their Vows as well.

In relation to costs for your out of town guests, and depending on the time of year you have your wedding, it may be more cost effective for your family members and friends to join you at a select destination compared to a local home wedding. Some guests may have to take several flights, or connection flights that force them to overnight in other cities. Then when you add the costs of accommodations, food expense, and rental cars, for attending a “one-day” event it can easily come very close to a cost of a vacation package to an exotic destination for an entire week! If many of your guests vacation yearly, the choice of having a destination wedding is usually the best option.

Second Only to Savings is Convenience.

The second benefit is the “Convenience”. Many couples end up having family and friends that live outside there country and even throughout the world. Your guests may have to take several flights and possibly be exposed to overnight stays in other cities to get to your location, and all this inconvenience is for a One Day Event! With a chosen destination for your wedding, many of your guests will have a direct flight access without all the stress of connecting flights and possible overnights in other cities.

Another True Benefit is Your Peace-of-Mind!

Peace-of-Mind knowing that you have Professionals handling your destination wedding from beginning to end is a valued service that not many couples looking to get married at home can say they have at their disposal.

We’re sure you may have heard one or more horror stories from family and friends, or through the grapevine of how some local weddings turn into a total mess due to the future Bride and Groom having to painstakingly take care of all the planning themselves. That’s a ton of STRESS put on an engaged couple to ensure everything is taken care of, and that no small details fall through the cracks leading up to one of the most important days of there lives!

The bottom line is that you and many couples out there today are extremely busy and just don’t have the time to plan their wedding all by themselves. Plus the fact that most couples just don’t have the extra resources to hire a professional wedding planner.

The “Benefits” of having a Destination Wedding in our opinion Outweigh having a Wedding at Home.

As destination wedding specialists working on your behalf, we do out best to take all that responsibility off your hands and we take care of everything from beginning to completion ! The only responsibility you would have is to select your desired destination, accommodations, and wedding ceremony package and venue! Then you would send out your invitations to all the guests that they would like to attend. That’s it!

We also handle all the communications and planning with the select resort/hotel or cruise ships wedding coordinators. All the arrangements are normally confirmed months in advance of your wedding, and we take full responsibility to ensure all the ceremony details are taken care of from the very beginning to the moment you say your “I do’s”.