We have been assisting couples plan and arrange their destination weddings for over 14+ years to a variety of exciting exotic locations, including the Caribbean, Mexico, and Europe as well.

Each year we take the necessary steps to continue our Education through Destination Wedding Supplier training, Wedding Designations, and on-site inspections of many of the destination and locations where the ceremonies will take place.

This is what we do, and what we do best! We dedicate our full attention to the couple and their wedding group. We handle all aspects of the communications with the Wedding Coordinators and ensure all reservations are confirmed for the ceremony and reception locations.

Having Hands On Wedding Planning Experience is what Truly Sets Us Apart!

Along with helping many couples over the years arranging their weddings, we have had the opportunity to plan and arrange our very own destination wedding back in 2004! Our event took place at an all-inclusive resort located in Varadero, Cuba, so with having complete hands on experience taking part in our own ceremony is truly what sets us apart from other local travel and online wedding planning companies.