In all honesty, this could easily fall under a Yes or No answer, and it all depends on several factors! One of course being price! Other than the topic of pricing, there truly is no comparison when it comes to customer support that you would receive from us.

In most cases when you visit many of the Canadian Vacation Suppliers websites and view their vacation packages their pricing is normally higher than what we can offer.

However, depending on when you book your vacation and the time of year, there are moments when you may see a lower package pricing on the suppliers websites that is based on several factors. Such as cancellations, low demand for a destination or a resort, or they may just have an internal promotion to attempt to create online awareness of their company and services offered.

One important note we would like to mention, and that is most, if not all of these vacation suppliers you see online offer us the travel agents online access for us to book these deals on your behalf, and if we do this for you on your behalf, you have our complete customer service and ongoing support, and the suppliers still compensate us for the booking. So this is a win-win for you and us!

If you decide to Book your Vacation Package Online yourself, please be Aware!

One important factor you need to be aware of when you decide to book the vacation package online yourself, and that is you’re then fully responsible to check and monitor your booking for any errors (by you or the tour company agent).

Errors that commonly occur are, wrong spelling of your names, incorrect departure date selection, or what commonly happens is clients may book the wrong destination by mistake!, and you will be fully responsible for those errors if they did occur! Also after you have made your booking reservation online, you would have to take the necessary time and resources to monitor any tour/flight cancellations as well.

One of the Many Advantages Booking your Vacation with Us!

From the day you book with us, we take care of your file by confirming all information is correct, and if there are any errors caused by the supplier that we booked on your behalf, we take full responsibility to immediately fix those errors to avoid any future change/modification penalties.

We also on your behalf watch over your booking to ensure no changes or cancellations happen, and if they do, we notify you right away the moment we get the information. For paying the same price as booking your trip or vacation online yourself, you receive complete peace-of-mind that we are taking care of you in the event something happens that is totally out of your control or awareness!