This is a great question and best answered like this. We are very similar, but also very different when it comes to assisting couples in planning a Destination Wedding.


Like many of the top travel agencies and online wedding companies out there that offer destination wedding services, we also have an excellent Preferred Relationship with several of the Big Vacation, Cruise, and Hotel suppliers who provide us with a great selection of product along along with the most competitive rates in the industry. We also have a solid working relationship with a number of wedding coordinators/planners associated with the resorts, hotels, and cruise line companies.

Here’s what truly Separates us From the Other Travel and Online Wedding Agencies!

We dedicate all our preferred resources, and our specialized destination wedding knowledge and skills to fully assist you in planning and arranging your special ceremony. We are virtually dedicated to your wedding and at your disposal 24/7 and we don’t believe in a 9-5pm, 5 day a week retail schedule! This is the very reason why we chose to run our travel business from our home office and not from a inconvenient and restrictive retail environment.

We have an Excellent Working Relationship with many of the Wedding Coordinators/Planners!

We can’t speak for the other travel agencies or online companies, but we are in contact with many of the wedding coordinators/planners on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, so this is a huge advantage for us when we work on your behalf to ensure everything goes smoothly and as planned.

You have our Promise to provide you our Full Attention and Complete Dedication to your Special Event!

In conclusion, having us dedicate our full attention to your unique event is extremely important to us, and we’re sure it’s also very important to you as well. This is your once in a lifetime moment and we want it to be perfect without exception! So why take a chance on a travel agency that may treat your wedding just as another vacation? Also, why would you risk dealing with an online company where you don’t even know who you’re actually dealing with? You’re putting a very special event and hard earned money in the hands of someone that may not truly understand your needs.

The moment you contact us, we do our best to really get to know you, and for you to get to know us as well, either through meeting with us in person, or establishing quality communications over the phone and email! We assure you that when you deal with professionals that have the experience, skills, and passion for destination weddings that we do, that you’re in very good and capable caring hands.