Whether payment is for your flight, vacation package, escorted tour, or cruise, the moment your services are paid in full, you would then be notified when you should expect to receive your documents.

The standard document issuance is immediately upon booking flights, hotel rooms, and car rental services. With Vacation Packages, Tours & Cruises, on average the Vacation Supplier or Cruise Line will issue the documents approximately 14 – 21 days prior to your departure date.

Most if not all documents these days will be sent electronically via your email of choice. However, if you’re a traditionalist or do not have access to an email account and you prefer to receive paper documents, we can mail them out to you regular post, or courier. Regular post would be at no charge to you, however, if your documents require special delivery methods, such as registered mail, or courier, this would be an additional expense covered by the customer requesting such services.

The only other time you may not receive your documents on time is if you book your vacation, tour, or cruise too close to your travel date and we would not have enough time to mail or courier out your documents due to the time limitations. The only option would be a scheduled pick up either at the airport or the cruise port terminal where you will be departing.