We are travel professionals that have been working in the travel industry since 2001. We both graduated with a Diploma through Robertson College in the “Specialized Travel Program”, and we established our careers working for several large Corporate and Retail Vacation companies located in Winnipeg and Vancouver. Our careers in other Agencies spanned from 2001 – 2007 until we decided to move from Vancouver back to Winnipeg to start our very own travel business. 

We became an Independent Manitoba registered Travel Company in August 2007 under the name: “Bill & Maria’s – The Traveling Agent” with a partnership agreement with a travel host company (The Travel Agent Next Door) and the rest is history.

This was a big decision for us, as we truly understood that we could do so much more for our valued clients if we Specialized in specific areas of travel that helped them the most. This is why we focused on Group Vacation Services that included assisting couples to plan their Destination Weddings and Individuals and Families with their Group Vacation planning. Planning group vacations and special destination events required our full attention without any distractions. We needed to assure our valued clients that we provided them the best customer service. We joke at times that we are available to you virtually 24/7 as we provide ways to reach us when you really need us…

We currently service the local Winnipeg, and surrounding Manitoba areas offering our exclusive Specialty Travel Services, along with a wide variety of other travel products and services. We also proudly assist many of our clients throughout Canada in major Canadian cities, including, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatchewan, Toronto, as well as the United States and Europe.

We have a strong Online and Social Media presence, where you can see we have this website you’re currently visiting, along with another valuable website offering unique travel information, an online “Search & Book” Portal where you can access 24/7, plus, a list of many “Tours” offered, “Exclusive Contests” to take part in, and so much more… If you wish to visit that website you can do so by Clicking this Website Link: TheTravelingAgent.com

To visit our Social Networks, you can see our Social Icons listed on the left-hand side column and the bottom of each page on this site. Take a moment to visit our Social Networks and consider joining to view exclusive travel and vacation information you won’t find anywhere else.

One last note: We have introduced our new “Independent Vacation Club”, and if this is of interest to you, we encourage you to visit our FAQ’s on that, and if you have any questions, please reach out to us through our Contact Page to fill out our form, email, or, call us directly. We will be more than happy to provide you more details on this new program…