The good news is that with most tour operators and vacation companies, plus many of the airlines issue electronic tickets that are sent via your email. All you need to do is go into your email account and print another copy.

If you don’t have access to your email account outside of your home computer, then you can easily contact us, and we would be happy to forward a copy to you or the company requesting it via fax, or we can even send it directly to the airline, hotel, or specific travel company via their requested email address of choice.

If for any reason you were required to have a paper issued ticket, we recommend you contact us immediately to forward a Lost Ticket Indemnity Form that would be required to be completed, and then we can proceed to reissue another ticket.

Please Note: Usually airlines and some travel companies charge a fee to reissuing paper tickets.If you happened to lose your tickets upon arrival, your best option is to contact us, or the airline/vacation/tour company directly to organize a replacement.