Here is a brief explanation of “TTAND” and our connection with this Travel Host company…

The “Travel Agent Next Door” is a valued Canadian travel organization that has built a reputation on providing quality support, marketing, and back-end travel reservation services for dedicated independent Primary and Associate Agents. TTAND has the capability to offer us some of the best travel industry and related products and services, as well as “Preferred” relationships with several of the major Canadian vacation suppliers, cruise ship suppliers, airlines, plus many other top related travel suppliers in the Hotel, Car Rental, and Tours/Excursions industry. TTAND provides us with the most modern state of the art marketing, booking and reservation systems available in the travel industry today, and that provides us an advantage to be very competitive in today’s travel markets.

TTAND established their business in Ontario, Canada roughly 5 years ago, later expanding their presence across Canada with over 500+ Primary/Associates Agents from Coast to Coast, The Travel Agent Next Door has been capable of providing a long-standing membership status with several related and non-related industry associations, including the International Air Transportation Association (IATA), the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

TTAND has a Strong Presence in the Canadian and International Travel Marketplace for Over 5 Years!

With The Travel Agent Next Door’s reputation and presence in the Canadian and International marketplace, their expertise, quality resources, corporate programs, and advanced technology truly distinguish us as leaders in our industry.

We are currently running our home-based travel business under our Manitoba Registered business name “Bill & Maria’s – The Traveling Agent” and this has allowed us to provide our clients a wide variety of top-level travel and vacation products along with quality customer service that you would expect and deserve receive.

To find out more about TTAND, please visit their corporate website, The Travel Agent Next Door.

If you’re reading this and you wish to look into becoming a Travel Associate with us or with TTAND, we encourage you to visit our Contact Page to fill out our convenient form. Or, you can also reach us by email at and directly by phone at, and we will be more happy to provide you more information and options available to you…