You don’t realize how important this question is until you start to read on…

For years the information we would provide to our couples looking to have a destination wedding was pretty standard when it came to explaining the process of the Wedding Coordinator or Planner at destination.

You see, 99% of the destination weddings we have helped arrange take place at an all-inclusive resort, hotel, or with a cruise line company. With virtually all the resorts and hotels, they provide an on-site wedding coordinator, and with the cruise ships, they provide exclusively contracted wedding planners to assist you and this cost for their services is already paid for through your selected ceremony package.

Okay, now you may be asking, where’s the Important part of this question come in to play?

Over the past couple of years we have heard from several couples seeking our travel services that there are a few local and online destination wedding companies that claim they provide and handle all the wedding planning services and these companies charge a considerable amount of money for this service, as well as charge a substantial non-refundable deposit, which we speculate they would still keep even if you decided not to go with their services!

We’re not in a position to question their planning services and why they charge so much for them, but we did feel it’s our position to make you and all future couples aware of these obscure charges and this way you can ask all the important questions to justify those fees and deposits.

Here’s the Truth about Destination Weddings that Apply to All-Inclusive Resorts and Cruise Companies!

In our opinion there are two styles of <strong>”Destination Wedding Specialists”</strong>. The first style is Travel Professionals such as us that assist you with your planning of your wedding at destination. We handle your entire booking to the destination, and then upon your approval, we work on your behalf to contact the individual wedding coordinators at the resort or cruise company and continue on your behalf to handle all the communications, reservations of your wedding ceremony package, date and time.

As well throughout the year leading up to your departure date, we take the necessary steps to ensure all your ceremony requests have been booked and confirmed with the resort, hotel, or cruise line, plus take care of and resolve any possible discrepancies or errors that may occur via the resort or cruise ship coordinator handling your wedding ceremony.

Believe this or not, that our services we provide are extremely important, and many couples deem priceless! Leading up to your departure date we provide you that peace-of-mind that your wedding is going to be exactly what you planned, want, and should expect the moment you arrive at your chosen destination.

However, the moment you depart and show up at your chosen destination, that’s when the resort, hotel, or cruise ship wedding coordinators take over and handle everything related to your booked and confirmed wedding ceremony!

“We Do Not Charge any Planning Fees” for our Services We Provide You!

So the fact remains is that when you deal with our travel company and accept our services to assist you in planning and arranging your destination wedding, we “Do Not Charge You Planning Fees”, because other than assisting you in booking and confirming your wedding ceremony, all the additional planning will be handled by your wedding coordinator at destination!

The bottom line is unless we agreed to join you at destination to continue this planning process on your behalf, and we negotiated a fee for this additional service, you should not be paying for such fees or charges that these other local travel agencies and wedding companies are currently charging.