We always get this question, and when we disclose that we do not charge any consultation or booking fees for assisting couples in planning their destination wedding. We seem to get this confused look followed by a look of relief.

We totally understand how this can confuse couples when you contact other travel or wedding planning companies and find out they charge fees for consulting, as well as booking service fees. However, continue reading and we will do our best to explain why we don’t charge such fees and never will unless we had no choice to do so.

We Believe in Earning your Destination Wedding Business!

Our decision to not charge consulting or booking fees has given us that extra level of service that many couples really appreciate. Once we explain that our goal is to earn your business by not charging such fees is something that allows us to build a strong relationship with the couples looking to use our specialty services.

We’re not going to lie to you and say that it’s a 100% success rate not charging any fees, because we still believe that there are people out there today who strongly believe that before a business relationship is established, or a possible transaction occurs, there should be a certain level of financial commitment, such as a consultation fee or a booking deposit. We never believed in that business model right from the beginning, and so far we have not experienced any negative affects.

In conclusion, we want our clients to be extremely confident and comfortable working with us, and it goes the other way as well. On average we spend over a year with each couple leading up to their wedding departure date, so we want to be sure that all of us are happy to be dealing with each other and that we both made the right choice.