Booking your trip, vacation, or related travel component online is certainly convenient for many, and we fully understand when it comes to reserving a flight, hotel room, or just renting a car, using an online travel company may be the route to go.

However, there are times when a Travel Agent becomes extremely important, especially when planning a Group Event, such as a Destination Wedding, or a Group Tour that requires a level of experience putting together a number of travel components, handling all the logistics and group details, as well as taking care of your guests that join on your group. In the end, it can be very complicated and confusing for most, and a lot of extra work and maintenance that you may not have to the time for.

Keep in mind when you’re dealing with a live professional travel agent, whether you book your trip or vacation in person, over the phone, or even via our travel agency website, you will always have peace-of-mind knowing that we are available to monitor your booking, and ensure that everything correct.

If for any reason something occurs that is out of your control, or there’s an issue with your booking that was not brought to your attention, such as your flight has a major schedule change, or your vacation tour you booked months ago just canceled, or possibly a serious activity at your destination requires immediate notification to you.

All these situations and are monitored by us, and we keep on top of this information for you so you don’t have to! The moment we are notified or we find out, you’re contacting directly by us by a phone call with a full explanation and options. This is a service you would not receive from an online travel company, and in most cases, the only notification you would receive is a message via email.

Imagine your email service was down, or you changed your email address and didn’t get that important information. Not knowing of an important change or an event at your destination of travel can turn out to cost you a lot of extra costs and stress!