Travelling to many countries by yourself normally is safe as long as you use common sense and plan your trip ahead of time with placing all the necessary precautions, such as giving a family member or close friend your travel route and contact information in case they need to reach you.

We recommend that you first do your research on where you are panning to visit, and then once you know where you’re going to go, take a moment to visit the Canadian Consular Affairs for any travel advisories that may possibly affect you.

As mentioned, you can leave a detailed contact list and itinerary with a family member or friend letting them know where you’re going, especially if you’re visiting several places on your trip.

For example: If you happen to be backpacking where you’re not always in one place, we also suggest that if your itinerary changes, that you update your family or friends on these changes and also provide new contact dates they can expect to hear from you. Other than that, always exercise caution, use your gut feeling, and you should have a great time traveling alone.