Depending on which airline or vacation/tour company you book with, there will be certain terms and conditions, plus there may be certain restrictions on cancelling your booking which may deem your payment fully or partially non-refundable.

This information will and should be presented to you at time of when you’re booking your travel with us.

For example: If you make a reservation for a discounted flight with a specific airline, or a vacation package with a certain tour company, they may have a no-refund policy. if they do provide refunds, there also may be certain restrictions to qualify to get your money refunded. All of this depends on the type of travel, the terms & conditions, plus indicated restrictions from the airline or vacation/tour company. Non-refundable conditions may also apply based on when you booked, such as within a period of time where no refunds are allowed.

It’s best to ask the necessary questions prior to booking your trip or vacation about cancellation policies that apply to our trip, and also it’s recommended you ask about travel insurance including sufficient cancellation coverage to protect you under situations where refunds are not allowed, and you may have to cancel due to an unexpected travel related risk that may be covered under a cancellation insurance plan.

Important to note: If an Airline or Tour/Vacation supplier does offer refunds, it’s extremely important to read their “Terms & Conditions” or Policies on issuing refunds. You may find out that they may charge you a cancellation fee or fees to your particular airfare or travel component, and as such this amount would be deducted off your refund prior to it being issued to you.

Also be aware of the procedures of requesting and qualifying for your refund, and carefully follow the required airline or travel suppliers terms and conditions. Many will state that to apply for a refund they would require that you either return your unused airline ticket and travel documents together with a covering letter to the travel company you made your reservation with. Depending on each individual company, refunds may take up to 12 weeks to be issued to you.