Luxury Ocean Cruise Ships for Weddings!


There’s no better way to celebrate your wedding or vow renewal than with a Celebrity wedding cruise package. Our award-winning wedding cruise ships sail to more than 280 destinations around the world, and we surround you in modern luxury every step of the way. Let the open sea be the backdrop to an unforgettable ceremony or choose a favorite port of call for the festivities. A wedding at sea is so romantic, and you can enjoy your honeymoon right after the ceremony and reception.


Start with a Royal Romance Wedding Package with a number of enhancements you like, such as the transportation, reception, flowers, and so much more.

You can easily add a unique and exhilarating location for the ceremony you always dreamed of having, making your cruise wedding one remember for a very long time!

Luxury Cruise Ships – 5 Star to 5+ Star Rating