Are you considering taking a cruise? If you’re researching for a cruise vacation that provides something more than the traditional and includes fun activities, top entertainment, amazing food and you allow you to conveniently visit more than one destination to explore new culture and experiences! You’ll find all that and more when you choose to take an ocean cruise.

This is the best time to consider taking a cruise is one of the best vacation values for your dollar. A vacation on a cruise ship can be relaxing, revitalizing, as well as exhilarating, and you’ll be pampered the entire time you’re on board! You can do as much or as little as you want, the choice is yours.

Let’s look at what an Ocean Cruise can do for you!

Offers you stress-free planning.

A cruise is a convenient way to visit multiple destinations while avoiding all the anxiety that can come with dealing with local hotels, restaurants, and transportation. There’s no more driving around in the middle of the night looking for a hotel, no maps to follow and no need to worry about finding a decent restaurant. Everything is accessible when you walk right out of your cabin door.

You will enjoy multiple destinations while only unpacking once!

A cruise vacation allows you to unpack and get settled in your cabin without the hassle of having to move your belongings as you generally would when you’re visiting multiple destinations. To us, there’s nothing more annoying than just getting settled into a hotel, and then having to pack up everything once again, all in the name of traveling to the next destination.

Did you know there are health benefits of taking a vacation, especially a cruise vacation?

There are options for healthy dining, downtime & fun activities, relaxation, and socialization, a cruise experience incorporates sunshine, fresh ocean air and the benefits of salt water, whether it be in the ships’ pool or on a tropical beach. There’s nothing that can be better for your health than feeling happy. Oh! Did I mention the pampering?

Ocean cruises provide true value

A cruise is a vacation that offers great value for your money! You’ll pay one flat fee which maximizes your hard-earned vacation dollars, plus a cruise includes meals and quality onboard entertainment. You can also pre-pay for any shore excursions which means you’ll be able to stick to your vacation budget. Several top Ocean Cruise Lines offer value-added promotions and depending on when you book your cruise, you may take advantage of complimentary flights, free Wi-Fi, free specialty dining, or an unlimited open bar. This is something that we can discuss with you when you are ready to book your cruise vacation.

Cruise ships offer plenty of options while onboard

Whatever your age or activity level, you’re sure to find onboard options to keep yourself busy, or not, as it’s totally up to you. A daily newsletter will be delivered to your stateroom every evening which provides the next days’ activities. This will allow you to tailor your day to your preference. Onboard you’ll find everything from pools, Jacuzzis, and a spa, to shopping, a casino, and Broadway-style entertainment. Are you wondering about your kids? Many Ocean Cruises offer complimentary youth programs for ages 3 to 17, plus on select ships, there’s even a nursery for babies 6 months to under 3.

Cruising offers so many vacations choices

The cruise experience is completely customizable and can offer whatever you’re looking for with a variety of things to do both on-board and at your ports of call. You’re in complete control when you pick the cruise destination that offers the destinations you want to visit. With so many shore excursions to choose from and you don’t have to worry about the hassle of not speaking the local language or trying to figure out foreign currency exchange rates. Many of the Ocean Cruise Lines are constantly adding brand new ships and exciting ports to their itineraries providing even more choices for your cruising experience.

We Can Help Plan and Arrange Your Next Group Cruise!

If you travel with at least 16 or more people, we can provide you a Group Cruise Quote that provides so much more than booking your cruise vacation packages individually. With a group cruise you receive more flexibility, set pricing for all your guests, and extra perks and incentives, especially if you decide to promote your group cruise to other friends and family members to join you. There’s so much to tell you about what you can receive, so, if this is something that piques your interest and you normally vacation with a group of people, we can provide you all the details.

Please take your time while browsing our travel site as we provide a wide variety of travel and vacation information that will help inspire your imagination and hopefully you will find exactly what you’re looking for here. If you need answers to some of your cruise questions, we recommend that you visit our FAQ page, and for further assistance go to our Contact page where you can fill out our convenient form, or, you can reach us directly by email or phone.

We look forward to hearing from you and possibly making your ocean cruise vacation dreams become a reality!


One of the fastest growing trends in the cruise industry has been River cruising. The ships are smaller and are capable of navigating through winding inland waterways, and where they can dock in the heart of cities and villages allowing for seamless exploration of places that large ocean cruise ships just can’t reach.

River cruise lines such as Viking River Cruises, Avalon Waterways, AmaWaterways and Uniworld to name only a few, are growing each year and are expanding their fleets. Since 2014 many river cruise lines have quickly introduced around 20+ new vessels that are now sailing to exciting destinations throughout the world.

Are you new to River Cruising? Here’s what they have to offer you!

Experience Vibrant River Cruise Itineraries

River cruises offer spectacular itineraries that reach riverside cities such as Vienna, Paris, Cairo and Beijing. With ports in the center of town you are in the heart of all the action leaving you more time to take in the culture and surroundings. This is a true advantage as many larger cruise ship itineraries claim desirable ports such as Rome and Florence, however, when you’re ready to visit Civitavecchia and Livorno which are two port cities, they’re about 90 minutes outside of the town.

River Cruising Offers Worldwide exploration

The boundaries of river cruising extend far beyond Europe. Plan to explore ports along narrow waterways such as China’s Yangtze River, the Nile River in Egypt or even the Amazon River in Brazil and Peru. In the United States, river cruise lines such as American Queen Steamboat Company and American Cruise Lines glide in and out of ports along the Mississippi River, Chesapeake Bay, Erie Canal and beyond.

River Cruises Provide an All-inclusive Experience

Led by local guides, most if not all river cruise lines offer at least one free shore excursion in each city, for example, they may include walking tours and exclusive visits to Christmas markets or museums. This provides you that authentic experience of what each city has to offer from an insider’s perspective. Additionally, all onboard meals are included, along with wine, beer and soft drinks. Many river cruise companies are expanding their inclusions, and we can offer more details on what they are when you reach out to us.

Local Flavors Are Plentiful Onboard a River Cruise

The river cruise vessels can procure a treasure trove of local produce, because they carry fewer passengers. Seafood and local meats are available for onboard meals and the food is often fresher and more regionally inspired than on large ocean ship cruises. Also locally cultivated is the entertainment where you can enjoy classical pianists, local folk dancers and small bands may be brought on board for a show. You won’t find multiple lounges, casinos, sprawling spa areas or fancy gyms, or activities such as trivia and making animal-shapes out of towels, but you will find unique cultural seminars and cooking demonstrations.

Unique Themed Options are Available

Opportunities for themed experiences are more prevalent as river cruising continues to evolve. New itineraries highlight Holland in tulip season, Europe’s famous Christmas markets and France’s majestic wine region, in addition to safari and wildlife cruises through Africa. For the active person, you can theme-focused cruises that involve golf, history and biking.

If you love to take cruises, or this may be your very first one, taking a river cruise vacation will truly open your eyes to the world and provide you a different perspective from the traditional mainstream ocean cruise. You will be immersed immediately into the culture and flavors of the cities and towns you visit as relax and take in all the amenities and services a river cruise offers, while creating memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. Are you ready to take a river cruise?

We Can Help Plan Your Next Group River Cruise!

Do you love to travel with a group of people? If you do, we are the experts in helping you plan and arrange your next group river cruise. We do all the work, while you relax and have peace-of-mind that your group cruise is completely taken care of from the very beginning to the moment you arrive back home.

Please take your time while browsing this page as we provide a wide variety of river cruise vacation information that will help inspire your imagination and hopefully you will find exactly what you’re looking for here. If you need answers to some of your river cruising questions, we recommend that you visit our  Contact page where you can fill out our convenient form, or, you can reach us directly by email or phone.

We look forward to hearing from you and possibly making your river cruise vacation dreams become a reality!

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