Introducing You to Our…

Exclusive “Vacation Community”!

Thank you for taking the time to be here today to learn more about our exclusive Vacation Community. This is your first step in becoming a valued travel member, and where this could be the beginning of your journey with us and some fantastic like-minded travelers!

Watch this brief video, or continue reading below for more details…

This is something we have been extremely excited about bringing to life!

There were so many times we had to put this idea on hold, due to time constraints, and then the dreaded introduction of the Covid outbreak in 2020 permanently halted us in bringing it forward to you.

However, here we are today, and our goal couldn’t be any simpler. Establish a fun, safe, and convenient travel platform where many of us who are interested in meeting other like-minded individuals, can easily talk about travel, make future vacation plans, and eventually join other individuals on a vacation where you can experience all the events and activities that you always desired to do while on vacation.

We fully understand that there are many travel organizations out there today who already run vacation clubs, however, we believe without reinventing the wheel, that with you as a valued member, we can all shape this vacation community into what we want it to be.

For example; With your valued input we can expand on a basic platform where your thoughts and ideas will be discussed and implemented if we all believe it is something that will make our community better for everyone!

Imagine a vacation platform where you have an actual voice, and other members have a say in building our community the way you would like it to be…

This is what we are so excited about, because it’s not just our travel industry dictating what you should be doing, but more of us listening to what you want to do through a collective agreement. What do you think so far? We truly hope that you are also getting excited!

Here’s the deal, this vacation community will take some time to build, however, we want it to progress this way. Slow and easy, and with good people like you that are willing to spend the time to build something special that will be around for a very long time.

We encourage only a few members to start, as we prefer it to grow slow and gradual. This is something that we want to build one person at a time as we build on this unique platform. As new members join after you, we will all have the ability to welcome them with open arms and provide them a meeting place that will be beneficial for all of us.

You May be Asking, Now What?

We want to make the process of joining our vacation community as easy as possible. So, at this time we are only reaching out to you to see if this is something you want to be a part of. Once you make the decision to become a member of our travel community, all we would need for you to do is fill out our quick and convenient form below letting us know you would like to join.

We will then take this time to build more interest and once we have enough interested individuals wanting to become vacation members, we will then reach out to you and provide you further instructions. Keep in mind though, this process may take some time, but, we will do our best to keep you informed of the process and also let you know the moment we are ready to take flight (no pun intended) of this exciting community.

Is There a Cost to Join?

Great news! As we are building our community of like-minded travelers, we felt at this time we would not charge any membership fees. This is why this is the best time to become a member. No fees charged!

Just like anything else that is newly implemented, our mission is to build this community with quality like-minded individuals, and you will be at the forefront of building and molding this exclusive platform. However, once the interest starts to exceed our member limitations, we will at some point have to implement a fee structure to be capable of handling the extra capacity joining. We don’t believe we would have to do this for some time, but, that day may come sooner than later depending on the growth and demand.

Even more great news for you! Is that you’re here now and potentially getting into our community early. So, because of this reason, you will not have to pay any membership fees, but, also we appreciate the fact that you decided to join and help us build this community early, along with all the other early members will be grandfathered into not ever having to pay any future membership fees!

We strongly believe that you will be the reason for the success, and along with not paying any member fees, you will also be offered future incentives that we won’t talk about now, but, if we did, you may become even more excited. We will keep you posted on this at a later time.


When you decide to join, you’re not going to pay any membership fees now or in the future. We only designed this as a member-based platform to ensure only the serious people receive access to our members and all the exclusive offerings.

Absolutely! When you become a member, you can arrange to meet or travel with whomever you decide to connect with. If you happen to meet another single person and you both build a relationship, we will be the first to congratulate you. However, we just like to let our members know that this is not our primary intention as we are wanting to provide a venue that allows all members to freely meet and travel together. We welcome all walks of life and encourage everyone to intermingle as this is the most important feature of our travel club.

We believe what really separates our member platform from all the other established travel clubs out there today, is that we are not focusing on offering discount vacations. Now, by saying this, we will be offering a variety of group discounted offers, plus, when you’re a part of our member base, you will have access to many of our ongoing specials and last-minute deals. But our goal is to establish exclusive and unique vacations where once or twice a year all members can join to meet all the other members to connect and possibly establish relationships. Plus, as our member base grows locally here in Winnipeg and Manitoba, we are looking to establish a variety of fun and interactive events throughout the year for our local members to personally meet other members. This is in the works and will be put in place when our member base grows…

For sure! As we slowly introduce this travel community platform to you and the public this year and into 2021, we will highly encourage existing and new members to tell their family and friends to see if they would also be interested in the benefits of being a member as well. Also, we will be monitoring closely the members that are putting the effort in getting the word out and we will be devising a compensation plan that we believe will really excite you if you’re one that qualifies. We will keep you posted with more details at a later date…

It’s simple to join. All you need to do is visit our Independent Vacation Community page listed on our website and you can easily sign up by filling out the online form enclosed. This is only a “pre-registration” at this time where you will be put on our exclusive member’s mailing list. This way we will keep you up to date on the progression and when we will be officially launching. The moment we do launch, you will be the first to have the opportunity to join. This is important to us as we will be recording the first members that helped us build this travel club and will be looking at special incentives to reward you for your early dedication. We will be working on these incentives over the next while and will be presenting them to you at the moment it’s available…

You can cancel any time you like. We are not going to have agreements or contracts to lock you in as this is only going to be a relaxed member-based vacation platform that brings people together. We wanted to provide a unique and convenient way to bring people together in a fun and safe environment. If for any reason you don’t see the value in this vacation club and you decide to leave, we fully understand your decision and will always welcome you back if you decide to re-join with us. The only thing we can say at this time is that for all members that join early and stay with us, we are looking at a variety of incentives and compensation programs to reward our long-standing members. So, this may be a good reason to stay on board with us…

This is a question that needs to be answered on a case by case basis as the majority of our travel community will include planned and booked specialty group vacations, or, a unique itinerary that fits the members chosen activities. So, it would be hard to compare apples to apples when it comes to finding cheaper pricing. However, by saying this, we will also offer standard vacation packages, cruises, and various types of packaged tours. In this case, we would look at what can be done and provide solutions at that time.

This a great question, and we believe an official announcement will be made in the early months of 2020. We are planning on sending out a survey to everyone on our mailing list to get some feedback on where our first inaugural “Member Community Group Trip” should take place. It could be at an all-inclusive resort in a select popular destination, or, we may look at taking an ocean cruise on one of the new ships being introduced. We will be sending this survey out to you in the new year and hopefully, we will get enough feedback to select and start planning our first trip.

As we are working on building our community membership base throughout 2020, we felt the first trip should take place in 2021. This way it will give us enough time to plan and make sure we can accommodate everyone that will be interested in joining us on this exclusive vacation.

This is where it will get fun as we learn about our community travel members and through a variety of questionnaires, we will find out everyone’s interests. We will then go to work to plan future trips that will cater to many of the interests that our members express to us, and this way we will build this travel club into exactly what it should be. A convenient platform for all members to meet like-minded travelers to venture on vacations together. Whether it’s taking that group golf vacation, wine tasting river cruise, or, even joining others on a fun Pickle Ball event. At the end of the day, you will meet new people, possibly develop new friendships, and hopefully have the time of your life traveling with other members that enjoy what you enjoy!

To find out more about our “Independent Vacation Community” please fill out our form below and you will be placed on our priority list to receive future details and will be given the first opportunity to join if you are interested.