When it comes to Tour Vacations, it all depends on where you want to go, and what are the most important things you want to do on your tour.

Whether you’re looking to take an Escorted Tour, or you are planning on traveling Solo and you’re looking for that tour that fits your specific requirements, we are proud to say we have access to a variety of top Vacation Tour suppliers that will easily meet all your needs. From existing pre-packaged tours to custom created independent tours, the choice is yours.

What Tour are you Interested in Taking? This would be the first question we would ask as you may already know what you want to do. However, if you have never been on a tour vacation before, and you want to try it for the very first time, we would recommend that you consider a packaged tour designed by our suppliers that would include virtually everything, such as your transportation, accommodations, select meals, and of course several included excursions to experience the area you’re visiting.

Guided Tours

Are a perfect example of a tour that is designed specifically for you. It could be an independent tour, or a pre-packaged tour including an air-conditioned Motorcoach, or Private Car Transportation, or it can even be a River Cruise! All inclusive with a Professional Guide that knows the destination very well, may speak several languages, and can be there for you when you need them. With a guided tour you will be taken to some of the most popular tourist spots that would be included in your chosen itinerary, and depending on the tour company you go with, they will let you know the additional services and amenities they will provide you during the tour.  Below you can view a list of our top Guided Tour companies where you can see what they have to offer.

Solo Tours

For travelers that love to go solo! You want the exact same experience on your tour without the obligation to be paired up with another traveler just to save that single supplement surcharge. With the tour company we have a fantastic relationship with, they provide solo vacationers an exclusive room to themselves without the extra cost of a single room rate. The tours are tailored to meet your needs as a solo independent traveler with more opportunity to meet other guests on the tour and take part in many exclusive events. This has nothing to do if you’re single, as this caters to everyone. You may have a partner or spouse that doesn’t enjoy the same vacation interests as you, and if this is something you want to do for yourself, here’s your opportunity without having to pay all the extra expenses that independent vacationers do when taking other tours.

Adventure Tours

These types of off-the-beaten-path style tours can be pre-arranged, or you can ask us to help you create your own independent tour. We have access to select top suppliers that will be more than happy to accommodate your special adventurous requests. With an adventure vacation, you will want to decide on the destination you would like to visit, what you want to do, and express your limitations to design one that fits your needs. For example, if you want to trek the infamous Machu Picchu in Puru via the Inca Trails, you will need to know, or let us know if you have the physical abilities to achieve it, and these important details would help determine which specific tour works best for you.

Rail Tours

Nothing is more relaxing and peaceful than winding through the majestic Mountain ranges in North America or taking in the majestic scenery touring through the Swiss Alps, and with a rail tour you can experience so much with so little effort. You can take a day tour, or, venture on a long journey, the choice is yours and we can help you make it happen.

No matter what tour you decide to take part in, we can help you decide which one is best for you, and we hope that you will reach out to us to let us assist you with your planning. Please take a moment to view our Top Tour Suppliers listed below and see if there’s anything that appeals to you. The moment you’re ready to move forward, visit our Contact Page where you can fill out our convenient form, or give us a call and we can discuss your tour needs over the phone.

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you further in finding and arranging your perfect vacation tour.

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